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If this is your first time visiting our website, you may have recently learned that your child is deaf or hard of hearing. This can be an uncertain, unsettling and very emotional time. You are sure to have numerous questions and concerns as you begin this amazing journey. You will be faced with an enormous amount of decisions for your child, and you must learn to navigate communication opportunities, education, development, and more. There is a great deal of complex information to digest, and at times, you will feel overwhelmed.

We want you to know that we have been where you are!  You are part of a strong, diverse community.


We are parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, sharing powerful common experiences, hopes, and dreams. We’re here to support families like yours across Montana. It is our strong belief that you, as parents, know what is best for your child.  We are here to guide you to the resources and information that will help you make sound, knowledgeable decisions for your child.

There are no limits to your child’s potential!

Take some time to explore our website. Many of the topics and terminology may be unfamiliar to you, or you may be a parent who is deaf or hard of hearing and have been on this journey for yourself. Bookmark pages or write down your questions.  Read about our services and contact us to learn more.

We’re here to help you explore the many opportunities available to help your child, recognizing that you know best what will work for your family.

Dear Parent,

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